1 SUPRA HI-TECH ELECTRO EQUIPMENTS PVT.LTD., ISO 9001:2008 Manufacture and Marketing of Power Controlled Equipments such as Uninterrupted power supplies,Inverters, Servo Stabilizers, Automatic Voltage Stabilisers
2 DUROFLEX LIMITED ISO 9001:2008 Manufacture and Marketing of Rubberised Coir Products
3 LINEON POWER PVT.LTD. ISO 9001:2008 Manufacture and Supply of Power Controlled/Power generating systems such as UPS, Inverters, Servo Controlled stabilisers, Voltage stabilisers and Solar power generators/ Lighting systems
4 GENERAL AUTOMATION PVT.LTD. ISO 9001:2008 Development, Manufacture and Marketing of Security Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Panels and Accessories
5 EASTERN MATTRESSES PVT. LTD. ISO 9001:2008 Manufacturing and Marketing of Mattresses of Various Sizes and Density
6 EASTERN AQUA MINERAL ISO 9001:2008 Manufacturing and Marketing of Packages Drinking Water and Soda
7 Eastern Retreads ISO 9001:2008 Repairing and Retreading of Automotive Tyres
8 EASTERN TREADS LTD ISO 9001:2008 Design, Development, Manufacturing and Supply of Pre-Cured & Conventional Tread , Bonding Gum and Black Vulcanizing Cement
9 NAIPUNNYA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, KERALA ISO 9001:2008 Educational services for graduate and diploma courses in hotel management,computer science and commerce
10 EASTERN CONDIMENTS PVT. LTD. ISO 9001:2008 Development, manufacturing and supply of Pickles and manufacturing and supply of spice powders
11 Kochin Inlab Equipments India Pvt Ltd.  ISO 9001:2008 Procurement, Supply, Installation & Servicing of Medical Equipments
12 CONNECT PLUS ISO 9001:2000 Providing Consultancy services in human resources placement to the overseas customers
13 COCHIN RUBBERS ISO 9001:2008 Design, Development, Manufacturing and Supply of Precured Tread Rubber and Bonding Gum
14 AL SHIFA HOSPITAL PVT.LTD. ISO 14001:2004 All activities related to Providing Medical, Diagnostic and Treatment Services within the physical boundary of Al Shifa Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Perintalmanna, Malapuram dist., Kerala.
15 Bams Condiments Impex Pvt Ltd.. ISO 9001:2008 Manufacturing, Marketing of Spice Powders, Masala Powders, Pickles, Rice Powders and other Food Products such as Atta, Roasted Rava, Broken Wheat, Broken Rice, Asafoetida, in the name of "MOHANLAL'S TASTE BUDS" BRAND.
16 Muslim Association College of Engineering ISO 9001:2008 Provision of Technical Educational Services Leading to Degree Courses in Engineering (B. Tech) from Kerala University in Various Disciplines and Subsequent Placement to Various Orgainizations.
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